Aiguebelle Abbey

Aiguebelle Abbey


Today we went to Aiguebelle Abbey only few kilometers away from Les Logis du Bourg. Aiguebelle Abbey is a Trappist monastery situated in the communes of Montjoyer and Réauville in the département of Drôme, on the borders of the Dauphiné and of Provence.





Aiguebelle is a fantastic place where Lourdes meets Rio de Janeiro because they built a cave like Lourdes (much smaller) and as well a Christ the Redeemer like in Brazil, much smaller as well. The monastery is so quiet, peaceful and beautiful, we enjoy so much going there!





You can learn more about the Abbey of Aiguebelle here.

Aiguebelle is well known as well for the story of the Monks of Tibhirine : The Monks of Tibhirine is the true story of Christians willing to die serving a Muslim flock during the political nightmare that unfolds in Algeria during the 1990s. The decapitation of seven French Trappists kidnapped from their monastery in the village of Tibhirine provides the thread for this real life drama of sacrificial love-of Christians who put their lives at risk for their Muslim friends, and Muslims who risk death for Christians. They all came from Aiguebelle Abbey.




The movie « Des Hommes et des Dieux » , « Of Gods and Men » is about them.

We hope you enjoyed the visit, we sure did !

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