Truffle Time !!!

Truffles are coming ! 

This is the time of the year that we love here in Provence ! Come to see us for an amazing week end ! Truffle discovery and tasting are in order ! From the 6th of December until end of March 2014 every week end you can come and stay at Les Logis du Bourg for an exquisite time !

truffle French beans and olive oil

Ask for the program!


Arrival end of the afternoon

Diner at Les Logis du Bourg with wine from Domaine de Bournet



Visit of the Truffle Market in Richerenches

Lunch at L’Escapade in Richerenches with the famous Truffle Omelette

Truffle hunting afternoon, come and do some « cavage » with the dog in the fields

Diner with Chef Nicolas Pailles at Les Logis du Bourg around the truffles


A nice big brunch and relaxing afternoon at Les Logis du Bourg

Price all inclusive 325  € per person ! Book now to not miss this opportunity !

You can stay during the all week as well, do not hesitate to contact us for more details, we can organize vineyard visits, truffle diner, biking, castle visits etc …. The area has so much to offer ! 
We look forward to welcome you at Les Logis du Bourg !

What do you know about Truffle ? A little bit of history then !

Black truffle also known as the Tricastin truffle is found only in calcareous soils to a depth ranging from 1 to 15 cm at the base of oak trees.The truffle grows during the Spring season and will take some form in mid-August to mature a few months later.

It is with a truffle dog, a pig or flies that you will « Cavée » truffle that is to say, picking the truffle.

Variable size, it generally reaches 5 to 10 cm in diameter and its weight lies between 20 and 100 grams.
Some truffles can reach 200 and enter 500 grams and the price can vary between 75 euros and 100 euros per gram

In France the main markets are in the Southeast. In the region of Vaucluse there is a dozen markets, including one that is the most important in Europe: the truffle market in Richerenches.
In this market it currently trades half of the contributions South East of France and 30% of national production.This town was promoted « remarkable site of taste » by the Council of the culinary arts.

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