About us

Logis du Bourg:  A Family Passion.


We are a French family established in Provence since I don’t know when ! My Grand Parents were already living there before getting married ! I grew up in this fantastic area full of colors, perfumes and amazing landscapes. This said, you will have to be kind to my English as I am « Francaise » off course !



Each season in Provence is particular, the light is so different depending on the time of the year.

In summer, you will have a day that lasts forever, dinner under a clear sky with stars everywhere you look, a moon so bright that you don’t need candles. Lunch in the shade of the trees, afternoon by the pool relaxing, reading, playing games, napping, laughing with family, friends. You will go to wonderful markets to buy your supplies, the shop owner will speak to you with a strong south of France accent in an approximate English but at the end you will always understand each other. After the market you will sit at a terrace to have « l’apero » with pastis or wine. The day will fly ! There are so many festivals of music, theatre, culture …

In autumn and winter the truffle season begins ! You can go with our dog truffle hunting, take long walks in the woods, make a great fire in the fireplace, grilled chestnuts, visit all the castle of the Drôme, Chateau de Grignan, la Garde d’Adhemard, Saint Paul Trois Chateaux, etc … Market truffle in Richerenches is a must ! Such an exceptional atmosphere ! If you want typical french scene this is where to go ! After the truffle auction you can share in a big restaurant the famous « omelette aux truffes » a delight, surrounded by all the people of the village. All the socialites meet there as it it a very hype market 😉 !

And in spring of course, the weather is mild, sunny, and you can start sunbathing ! The only difference with summer is that you don’t go by the pool but everything else is as magical ! A very nice thing to do is « La route des vins » which is a tour of all the Provencal vineyard, having lunch with the wine maker in the middle of the vines, priceless ! Dinner outside, cultural festival, historical visits, lavender fields, french gastronomy, exquisiteness and amazement  is your agenda!

So come and visit us in our two beautiful properties wherethe time stops and a wonderful experience begins !


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